Wow what an amazing night on the farm for Tesco Kingsbridge summer party the Penquins are the best live band in Devon if you need a band for your event these should be your first call xx
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Great to play harmonica with The Penguins yesterday at Rock on The Beach in Dittisham
Wouldn't be a summer if we didn't see the Penguins perform. Looking out for gig dates and Looking forward catching up with the gang. pj
Just watched you guys and u r amazing. Loved the main guitarist and drummer u r bloody amazing. X
i am andy's nephew and i really think you guys should release a single!!!
i love you penguins
Saw Andy headline the White Horse front line once - worth the wait - check it out yourselves - You will certainly get 'Happy Feet' ML
I saw The Penguins last night and was amazed at how many quality songs they played. These guys played for nearly 3 hours outdoors... Brilliant.