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we were at the Dartmouth regatta Sunday 31 st your choice of music great my wife and i really enjoyed ourselves .pity you had to finish so early as everyone just seemed to get into the swing .thanks hope to hear you again some time
Sunny weekends in Devon over the years have resulted in many good memories.
The Penguins have come to be part of our summer activities and we have got to know them and their families, especially down when we are all down at Dittisham.
To my surprise they remembered my request from a previous gig ..... Crowded House - Take the Weather with You, and played this on a warm Sunday afternoon.
Just want to Thank the Boys for their great tunes and good memories.
See you soon
Wow what an amazing night on the farm for Tesco Kingsbridge summer party the Penquins are the best live band in Devon if you need a band for your event these should be your first call xx
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Great to play harmonica with The Penguins yesterday at Rock on The Beach in Dittisham
Wouldn't be a summer if we didn't see the Penguins perform. Looking out for gig dates and Looking forward catching up with the gang. pj
Just watched you guys and u r amazing. Loved the main guitarist and drummer u r bloody amazing. X
i am andy's nephew and i really think you guys should release a single!!!
i love you penguins
BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saw Andy headline the White Horse front line once - worth the wait - check it out yourselves - You will certainly get 'Happy Feet'
I saw The Penguins last night and was amazed at how many quality songs they played. These guys played for nearly 3 hours outdoors... Brilliant.